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About Us

More than 25 Years’ Experience

Information Integration Inc. (i3) has been a leading provider of innovative information solutions and on target staffing for more than 25 years.

We work with our clients to design, develop, deliver, maintain, and manage their information in a way that is truly integrated. Our approach is unique in that it emphasizes the importance of the whole of your organization and the interdependence of its parts. Nothing exists or functions in isolation.

We accomplish this by approaching every documentation, training, change management, and information management effort holistically – whether it’s for an individual function, department, region, or your entire domestic or global organization. For more information, read about Our Approach.

Our Mission

In order to excel in today’s world, the speed at which companies expect –and need – for their people to access and assimilate accurate information has increased exponentially. Getting information into the hands of people who need it, when they need it is mission-critical. And, that’s where i3 excels!

Our mission is to be your partner of choice for all of your information solution and staffing needs. We do this by offering extensive, leading edge experience; affordable options, and innovative ways of working based on our in-depth understanding of our services, clients, and markets.


Our Value

  • Information Solutions: Our value to your organization is not just in the production of documentation and training materials; it’s in the experience we apply in making them a living, breathing part of your organization. It’s in our deep understanding that the sum of their impact is far greater than their value as individual parts.

    This means that the total impact of the work we do for you will be greater, while the cost will be less, than a consulting firm that comes in, develops one-off documentation or training, then waits for repeat business. That’s value to the consulting firm, not to you.

  • Staffing: We have our roots in consulting since 1990, which means that we have an "in the trenches" understanding of your specific needs within our areas of expertise.

    We are not recruiters who use your job description as a questionnaire. When you want to bring on a contingent staff member (or a team of people), we will thoroughly discuss your requirements with you and other stakeholders as needed so that we get a deep and complete understanding of your needs.
    Because of our own hands-on consulting experience in all of the positions we staff, we are very knowledgeable and thus able to thoroughly scrutinize candidates. Therefore, we save you time and money by providing candidates we are confident have the experience and capabilities that directly align with your requirements.

Quality Assurance

At every stage – from requirement inception to execution and fulfillment – all of our consulting/project work and staff placement is overseen by a Quality Assurance lead who is responsible for ensuring your satisfaction.

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