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With our integrated approach, the results are impressive:

  • Consistent communication and reinforcement of key messages
  • Documentation that does more than sit in a static repository waiting to be read
  • Impactful training that is more than a one-time event
  • Effective transfer of knowledge to on-the-job performance

Every new concept taught in a training program or communicated to your workforce via documentation represents a change to your organization’s existing environment.  Unfortunately, if yours is like most other organizations, documentation and training are often thought of as “one and done” events, rather than as part of a holistic approach to change.

At i3 we believe training and documentation are an integral part of changing performance. Creating change within large complex organizations requires a clear message that is communicated in an organized and consistent manner.
Through a targeted Change Management Strategy, impactful training, and accessible documentation, we help our clients create the business critical change they need.

Creating a Change Management Strategy

Our Information Integration Specialists will work with you to identify the change you want to make in your organization and then map out a detailed Change Management Strategy with you that addresses stakeholder and audience needs. 
Our goal is to deliver your message via a close linkage between documentation and training to ensure performance support at the moment of need.
Our Change Management solutions are specifically targeted to …


When you need to make a mission-critical change within your organization, think i3.  

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