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Regulations are constantly changing, and we understand how challenging it is to keep pace. Keeping pace not only means writing new or updating existing policies, it also means ensuring that processes, procedures, and training keep up with them as well. It also means ensuring that those changes are propagated throughout your organization and that outdated content is archived.

Policies and Procedures

During our 25 years in business, i3 has helped many clients meet their specific Compliance challenges in the following ways:

  • Write new policies or update existing policies so that you are in compliance with applicable regulations
  • Update processes and procedures to be in compliance with your policies
  • Prepare for a Regulatory review
  • Address Regulatory findings and Internal Audit Reports
  • Create a matrix of policies mapped to related process, procedures, workflows, best practices, training, and other information resources
  • Perform an assessment of policies and procedures to ensure the following, and to support you with addressing any issues identified:
    • Policies are written clearly and concisely, adequately address the corresponding regulation, and contain only governing statements (NOT how-to’s, which belong in the procedures)
    • Department-level policies align with enterprise policies
    • Procedures specifically address how to carry out the related policies
    • There are no gaps, redundancies, inaccuracies, or inconsistencies
    • Outdated policies and procedures have been archived
  • Develop or update training in support of policies and procedures
  • Provide ongoing performance support tools to ensure awareness, understanding, and compliance, particularly with policies reflecting areas of significant risk


Compliance: Processes and Technology

Keeping your policies and procedures -to-date is only half the challenge your organization faces. Ensuring that they are readily accessible and easy to maintain is the other half.

At i3, we specialize not only in developing policies and procedures (P&Ps), we also work with our clients to implement or improve processes and tools to support the P&P lifecycle (i.e., development, review, approval, publishing, maintenance, management, and archiving).

We can help you streamline and strengthen your P&P lifecycle processes and tools. Improvements may include any one or a combination of the following:

  • Assess your current framework and implement best practices where needed in the P&P lifecycle
  • Develop authoring templates that will enable your staff to create effective P&Ps internally
  • Implement improvements that will eliminate redundancy and simplify maintenance
  • Make adjustments to how you use your current technology in support of the P&P lifecycle
  • If you don’t currently have a Content Management System (CMS) and would like to select and implement one, we can help you identify and select the technology that will help you achieve your goals within your budget. Some goals and benefits of using a CMS include:
    • Centralize and simplify storage and access
    • Standardize P&P development, delivery, maintenance, and management
    • Adapt to unique and diverse business requirements
    • Decentralize information management processes by giving control to business units while enforcing common company-wide standards
    • Automate workflow and approval features
    • Support information reuse
    • Provide flexible access controls
    • Provide versioning, archiving, audit, and reporting capabilities
    • Provide regulators and auditors with access to the information they require
    • Provide robust search functionality
    • Allow linkage to documentation and training inside and outside of the repository
    • Provide extensibility and scalability to meet growing enterprise requirements

When you need to respond to a regulatory change or other Compliance challenge, think i3.

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