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Do More With Less

By Getting the Most from Your Information Resources

Challenging times require that you get more accomplished with less. Companies in every industry are downsizing and economizing, yet still need to remain competitive while continuing to provide outstanding products and services to their customers.

Optimize your documentation, training, and other information resources for peak performance!

Let i3’s team of information solution experts help you get more bang for the buck from your documentation and training dollars:

  • Implement Best Practices and Process Improvements to streamline and strengthen your internal content development and maintenance policies, standards, practices, tools, content, and/or technology to get them all working more effectively for your organization, while reducing your dependence on external vendors and consultants.
  • Needs and Gap Analyses to help you meet a challenge, fill a gap, improve a process, or make a change in your organization. What you don't say often speaks louder than what you do.  Gaps in your documentation and training can expose your organization to significant risk:  regulatory, operational, information, financial, and reputational.   We can help you assess and close those gaps.
  • Information Reuse (RIOs and RLOs) to break down the silos and eliminate redundancies and inconsistencies between documentation and training to truly enhance on-the-job performance. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that training is a natural extension of documentation and that there should be a symbiosis between them, with one supporting, enhancing, and reinforcing the other.
  • Company-wide Documentation and/or Training Integration to ensure that the information resources within individual departments or divisions, or across the entire organization, are interrelated and integrated.
  • Performance Consulting for Trainers course so that the members of your Training department can gain the status of “Trusted Advisor” with their business clients within your organization, as well as other courses aimed specifically at improving your training function, such as Train-the-Trainer, Learning Trends and Best Practice in Course Design, and Best Practices in Action.


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