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Interactive video

Are you ready to reap the enormous benefits that using more video will bring to your organization? You should be! Instant access to “microlearning” video clips (60 seconds to a few minutes) is now the norm for everyday use via YouTube, but it has not commonly − nor effectively − become part of the corporate norm.

At i3, we are leading the charge to help our clients use more video for everything from sales and product demos to comprehensive learning events that are metatagged to provide on-demand access and immediate gratification. And, by adding interactivity, you transform your video into an immersive tool that has been proven to increase attention, engagement, satisfaction, retention, and on-the-job application.

We can also work with you to set up a branded CorpTube site for your firm, so that you can give your employees easy access to your existing video, or to video that we can create for you.

Here are just a few of the great ways i3 can support your organization with video:

New Hires:

Show them your business culture and your firm’s commitment to effective communication their first days on the job − with a tour of your firm, an explanation of their benefits, an overview of your key policies, and more, in a fun and engaging way.

Sales and Product Demos:

Nothing can demo your products like video. Impress your clients, prospects, and sales force with professional video, animation, and 3D graphics showing your products, services, and techniques in their best light.


Tired of those desk-level procedures that take forever to read and follow? Video is the answer. Change those boring step-by-step details into an informative, effective, and dynamic demonstration.

Executive Communications:

Wouldn’t a “Video from the President” − or other executive − be more effective and inspiring than those “Letters from the President?”



Process demos:

Capture the knowledge and experience of your workforce. Give your employees a visual walk-through of both simple and highly complex processes through the combined use of videos, demos, diagrams, simulations, drawings, and animations.


No other media facilitates training better than video. No existing media can demonstrate a process or function better than video. No other media has the info density and capacity of video. Video supports the knowledge transfer process by allowing users to view the instructional content, thus supporting internalization, retention, and application of the learning.

Or, Try our Virtual Presenter Solution:

Which is fully customizable with video synched to slides, with features such as interactivity, keyword search, bookmarking, index, text transcript, knowledge checks, and quizzes. Virtual presentations can even be translated into multiple languages. This is an optimal solution to give your staff easy, quick access to the specific chunk of information when they need it!

Act Locally, Share Globally:

Do you need to rally and inspire a global audience? Nothing can convey emotion, express immediacy, and move your audience to action better than video. Conquer your company’s challenges of having a geographically-dispersed audience by bringing your training and communications to them, wherever they are, whenever they need it, and on whatever device they’re using.

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