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Reference & Learning Libraries


Your firm has dozens, hundreds, perhaps thousands of resources available to support management and staff in their ability to perform their jobs at the highest level of excellence − training materials, job aids, policies, procedures, reference guides, white papers, executive directives, podcasts, videos, and other internal and external information sources. But, is it…

  • Readily accessible?
  • Intuitively organized and available at the point of need?
  • Comprehensive?
  • Mapped to competencies?
  • Useful for job performance, cross training, career development?
  • Working as effectively as possible?

If yours is like most organizations, these resources are probably scattered throughout your firm in file servers, SharePoint sites, Learning Management Systems, departmental drives, hosted learning sites, databases, and so forth.

Historically, there has not been a holistic approach to optimizing your information resources to support your company’s mission.

At i3, we’re breaking down the silos around training, documentation, and other information resources, and supporting our clients by integrating them into effective high-performance Reference and Learning Libraries that give management and staff fast and easy access to the myriad information resources available. This can be accomplished at the any level: department, function, region, enterprise, and global.

With the “Information Integration” approach, the results are impressive!

Information is accessible at the moment of need via Libraries, Corporate Universities, SharePoint, and other ECM sites:

Your documentation, training, and other resources are organized and presented in an intuitive format that gives your employees the tools they need to develop competencies for their current position, for cross-training, or to advance to a new position.

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