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Learning Solutions

i3’s Information Integration Specialists have extensive experience in instructional design and courseware development.

Our learning solutions are rooted in adult learning principles that focus on experiential learning and transfer of learning to the job via the 70:20:10 model of learning − i.e., based on the philosophy that 10% of learning takes place in a classroom or other structured learning environment; 20% from colleagues, mentors, and managers; and 70% on the job. It’s for this reason that our solutions are designed specifically with point-of-need job support as an integral component.

After assessing the message and target audience(s), we work with you to determine the appropriate training media for delivery. We have the expertise to support the diverse needs of audiences around the globe. Our learning experts also have industry-recognized experience in developing high-quality blended solutions that fit your needs.

Key Areas of Expertise:

Blended Learning Solutions
Mobile Learning
Interactive Video
Online “Try-Its” for Complex Subject Matter
Classroom Training
Responsive Design
Adaptive Learning
Reusable Learning Objects



Our experts know that humans remember emotional connections longer than facts and figures.

In every training format and medium, our courses are engaging and customized with compelling case studies and relatable story lines appropriate to your environment and its challenges. This proven methodology captures user attention and significantly increases retention and on-the-job application.

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