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Our Approach

The Information Integration Approach and DM² Lifecycle™

The foundation of i3’s holistic Information Integration approach is the DM² Lifecycle™. It begins with the following basic understanding about your documentation, training, and other information resources:

  • They are an integrated part of a larger whole that collectively supports your organization and the achievement of its mission.

  • Getting it into the hands of those who need it when they need it is critical to your organization’s success..

  • It follows the DM² Lifecycle™ − It has to be Developed, Delivered, Maintained, and Managed, and at any point, exists in one or more of these phases..

  • Each phase of the DM² Lifecycle™ has unique requirements that must be understood, addressed, and met in order for your information to effectively support your organization. If any part of the lifecycle isn’t considered or breaks down, the time, effort and expense you put into developing the information in the first place is wasted..

  • It has a dynamic, evolving life..

The DM² Lifecycle™ starts with your company’s information, with each phase supported by your people, processes, and technology. The diagram above depicts this lifecycle and the interrelationships and interdependencies.

Every firm’s information strategy and requirements are unique. Therefore, an i3 Information Integration Manager will perform an initial evaluation to gain a high-level understanding of the people, processes, and technology that currently support the DM² Lifecycle™ of your information. We will also review with you the intended purposes and perceived quality of your information and its lifecycle, as well as your specific pain points and goals.

We then work with you to review the available options and customize an integrated solution based on your company's needs, rather than on industry trends or technological fixes that may not solve your problems.

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